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» A look at the 2014 MacBook Air range

Apple have released this year's models in the MacBook Air range; the first upgrades to their popular entry-level laptop since June 2013. What's new? read article

Added to Laptops on 17.05.2014

» The 2013 Mac Pro: a detailed look

With waiting times down to a week or less, we decided it was time to take a proper look at Apple's new top of the range desktop, the Mac Pro. read article

Added to Desktops on 14.05.2014

» Apple expands its recycling efforts

Any Apple device can be recycled for free. If it is in a condition that will enable it to be resold, Apple will also issue a gift voucher in exchange. read article

Added to Miscellaneous on 23.04.2014

» How to Improve Your MacBook's Battery Life

One of the questions we're always asked is 'What can I do to make my battery last longer?' Here's a few ways to improve MacBook battery life. read article

Added to Laptops on 15.02.2014

» Making life more difficult for laptop thieves with 'Find My Mac'

MacBooks are valuable and portable, making them a target for thieves. Free software called 'Find My Mac' gives you more options in the event of theft. read article

Added to Apps on 07.12.2013

» Recommended Accessories for new iMac and MacBook Owners

Whether you have an iMac or MacBook, there are various accessories that will enhance the experience of owning an Apple Mac. A quick look at a few... read article

Added to Miscellaneous on 05.11.2013

» Review: Apple Mac mini (late 2012 model)

Looking for an entry-level desktop Apple? The latest Mac mini could be just what you need, as long as you don't need graphics-intensive tasks doing. read article

Added to Desktops on 17.10.2013

» Review: Apple iMac 2013

Looks-wise, the design is unchanged, but inside there are some real changes - all of which should make the latest iMac significantly faster. read article

Added to Desktops on 29.09.2013

» New, radically-different Mac Pro due for launch in 2013

Apple have announced that the new Mac Pro will be available some time in 2013. We take a look 'on paper' and run through the current specification. read article

Added to Desktops on 01.08.2013

» Review: MacBook Air 2013 (11-inch and 13-inch)

The 2013 MacBook Airs are here, and they are faster, longer-lasting and improved in other ways too! We take a quick look at the options. read article

Added to Laptops on 17.07.2013
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