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Mac Pro: Repairs, Fault-Finding & Troubleshooting Service in London

We've been in the Mac repair business for 23 years. During that time, we've seen a multitude of issues. When it just can't wait, we can be there within 60 minutes if you're in Central London.

Usually we'll be able to repair your Mac Pro without taking it away to our service centre in Notting Hill Gate, but if we have to leave you without your Mac we can offer loan machines and weekend or overnight turnaround times. Did we mention we can also collect and deliver if you need us to?

Problems or Issues you might be having with your Mac Pro

  • Shuts down without warning.
  • Makes funny noises when using graphics-intensive applications.
  • Keyboard and / or mouse lock up.
  • Applications freeze and don't respond.
  • Faulty power supply.
  • SuperDrive does not recognise blank DVDRs.
  • Fans go into overdrive after a certain amount of time, even when computer is near-idle.

PLEASE NOTE: the information below refers to the 2010 Mac Pros - we have a review of the 2012 model in our blog, plus a sneak peek at the radically different 2013 model plus a more detailed review.

About the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is Apple's flagship desktop and offers notable benchmark performance improvements on previous Macs and previous Mac Pros, whether your interest is 3D, video, technical or science computing, graphics and imagery, or gaming.

The 2010 models using Intel's Xeon processors are either quad-core (one processor) or eight-core (two processors): the quad-core options are 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz or 3.33GHz Xeon 3500s; with eight-core you can have either 2.26GHz, 2.66GHz or 2.93GHz Xeon 5500s. Standard RAM is 3Gb on the quad-core and 6Gb on the eight-core, but up to 16Gb of RAM is available on the quad-cores, and up to 32Gb on the eight-cores, added in 1Gb, 2Gb or 4Gb increments.

Hard disks are added just by sliding them into one of four bays. SATA drives of 640Gb, 1Tb and 2Tb are available meaning up to 8Tb of storage. RAID card options mean you can have either RAID 0, 1, 5 or 0+1 as an option, but even without this Mac OSX allows you to use RAID 0 on up to 4 drives. One optical SuperDrive comes as standard (with CD read/write speeds of up to 32 times and DVD read/write of up to 18 times) and there is a bay for a second.

The Mac Pro uses either NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon 512MB graphics cards - and up to four of the NVIDIA cards can be added. Up to eight 30" displays are supported, with support for resolutions up to 2560 by 1600 pixels.

It's WiFi and Bluetooth compatible and has two independent Gigabit Ethernet connectors. Other ports are split between the front and back panels; four FireWire 800 (two on the front), seven USB (two on the front, two on the keyboard), digital optical TOSLINK input and outputs, and analogue input and output stereo minijacks.

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