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MacBook: Repairs, Fault-Finding & Troubleshooting Service in London

With 23 years' experience, we can have an engineer with you within one hour if you're in Central London. We fix Macs - fast. If we can't get it working then and there, we can offer overnight repairs. We have loan machines available.

Problems or Issues you might be having with your MacBook

  • Shuts down randomly.
  • Makes ticking or clicking sounds.
  • LCD shows coloured lines when booting up.
  • LCD display fails, or flickers
  • Makes a high-pitched whining noise.
  • CD/DVD drive scratches disks.
  • WiFi connection is poor quality and/or keeps dropping.
  • Trackpad is unresponsive.
  • Black screen of death.
  • Slows down considerably when playing video.
    Symptoms include: 'flashing folder' with ? symbol; spinning 'beachball'; white screen.

Spills and Thrills?

Knocking a drink onto the keyboard.

Dropping the machine - or something onto the machine.

About the MacBook

The MacBook is a compact but powerful laptop just over 1 inch high and weighing in at a little over 2 kilos (under 5 pounds).

In the 2010 models, the processor is 2.4GHz; standard RAM is 2Gb however there are two spare 1Gb slots allowing up to 4Gb total RAM. The standard hard disk is a 250Gb SATA drive, there are also £20Gb and 500Gb options. The built-in optical drive allows CD and DVD reading/writing at up to 8 times DVD speed and 24 times CD speed.

As with all Apple laptops, full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support is standard. So is Apple's MagSafe magnetic power connection, which means that if something jerks the lead it will pop out without damage to either the lead or the MacBook. Off the mains, battery life is up to 10 hours depending on what you are using the MacBook for.

Both the backlit keyboard and 13 inch display will automatically adjust depending on whether you're in daylight or darkness. Apple's Multi-Touch Trackpad is configurable to allow you to set a 'right-click' area and you can use up to four fingers to scroll, rotate, resize or zoom.

Screen resolutions up to 1280 x 800 pixels are supported, but the Mini DisplayPort allows you to power a 30 inch external monitor at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 pixels. When it comes to graphics cards, there's a choice of either NVIDIA or Intel cards at 256Mb or 512Mb.

Stereo speakers are built in, as is a microphone and Apple's iSight webcam. For external connections you have a stereo digital output (also supports analogue input), 2 USB ports, a GigaBit Ethernet port, plus the MiniDisplay port already mentioned. There is also a Kensington lock slot, allowing the laptop to be secured to a desk.

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