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PowerBook: Repairs, Fault-Finding & Troubleshooting Service in London

Our workshop is in Notting Hill Gate, and we've been repairing Macs for twenty-three years. If we need to take your Mac away then we can offer you a temporary replacement, but most repairs are carried out the same day. Even if it's more serious, we offer fast turnarounds - over a weekend or even next day.

Experts are on call seven days a week, and we can attend your home or office in an hour within Central London if required. We're 100% Apple-only specialists offering serious Apple help. Whether your problem is software or hardware related, we'll get to the bottom of it quickly. We replace screens, keyboards, trackpads, hard drives and all hardware.

Problems or Issues you might be having with your PowerBook

  • Overheating.
  • Won't boot up.
  • Works too slowly.

Accidental Damage?

Spilt drinks - tea, coffee, cola, squash.

Knocking the machine off your desk.

About the PowerBook

Powerbooks were produced from 1991 until 2006, when they were replaced by the MacBook range.

The early range was hugely successful; 40% of early laptops bought were Powerbooks. They were amongst the first laptops to make use of many features that are taken for granted today, including trackpads, a keyboard with space infront to rest the wrists (rather than behind where it is wasted) and an Ethernet port.

The G4 Powerbook, launched in 2001, introduced a titanium skin and a 15" screen. Processors became more powerful, increasing to 1 GHz in 2003.

From 2003 both 12" and 17" screen options were available with aluminium bodies, and the backlit keyboard used throughout the MacBook range was introduced, as was WiFi networking, Bluetooth, and DVD burning.

By 2005 1.5GHz and 1.67GHz processors were available, as was 512Mb RAM and a 100 Gb hard drive.

During 2006 all versions of the Powerbook were replaced by the new MacBook Pro and MacBook lines.

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